Friends, with our large assortment of prints, we simply are not able to contain the entire size range of each product, so we produce (print) each item for your order.

Unfortunately, this is why we cannot do a few things for you to try on. We ask you to choose your size based on the data given in these tables. Thank you for understanding!

  • PIN t-shirt - Ukrainian brand . Exists since April 2014.

We are engaged in:

- production of T-shirts with various prints under their own brand

- dress the staff of various bars, cafes and restaurants

- we carry out individual orders from creating a pattern that will be applied to a T-shirt especially for you, to sewing!

Our t-shirts are composed of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, which allows the t-shirt to keep its shape after washing, not stretch, not deform.

Prints are applied using digital direct printing, they can withstand about 200 washings without loss of quality.

A pin for good luck was pinned to each T-shirt!)


We make custom-made shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and much more. For example, you can order from us a sweatshirt with your individual embroidery or print in the amount of 1 pc!

We make things of any style with the application of the logo (and any other image) in various ways.

For large customers, we have big discounts, reasonable terms and any print runs: from 1 copy to several thousand. We well know how important it is for organizers to make an event perfect, whether it be a corporate event, a company promotion, or a boss’s birthday. PIN t-shirt is always ready to help you in the production of textile products with your company logo.

  • PIN t-shirt - designer t-shirts, own production. Sew in Ukraine from quality materials! T-shirts are so firmly entrenched in our daily life that many can no longer imagine their wardrobe without this simple, but very versatile piece of clothing.

We have a large collection of different prints! We also carry out individual orders!

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Regards, PIN .